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Made with Pure Love & Cedar!

All Lotus Steam Saunas $229+ Shipping

Every Lotus Steam Sauna is handmade & heartmade with Pure Love & Cedar. Our sauna's are lightweight, beautiful and easily accessible in the comfort of your own home. Steaming holds the potential to be a form of Ceremony for every Woman at every age, stage, cycle and season of her life. It is a loving act of radical self care, slowing down, and taking healing into our own hands.                                          We also recommend and love steaming outside. 

We chose to work with Cedar because of the long history of being used for the creation of sacred spaces, that support, cleanse and heal. Cedar has long been the wood of choice by builders to withstand high-moisture environments, such as saunas. Cedar has strong aromatic properties because it bares thujaplicin, a natural antibacterial and anti fungal agent.

All saunas come with the ability to do shorter, mild sessions or longer sessions using a burner or other heating device. There is a small notch cut out @ the bottom of each sauna to allow for a chord to run through. 

Wood is a living element. Every sauna will have unique tones from the different grains of the wood, with a smooth soft sanded finish. 

Angela Sarah North is the owner of Lotus Steam Sauna's & Wildflower Ayurveda for Women's GynaEcology. Angela Sarah is an Herbalist, Yogini, Momma & Ayurvedic Health Counselor for Women's GynaEcological Health.

With Deep Appreciation, we thank you for choosing Lotus Steam Saunas.                                

 Pure Love & Cedar. Happy Steaming!