Step 1: Decide where you will be steaming. You may want the privacy of your own home or a beautiful space outside. Choose somewhere that you will be warm & can relax. You may want to include a cup of tea. Medicine above, medicine below.

Step 2: Add your herbal steam blend to a soft boil with lid on simmering 5-10 minutes. Turn off heat & allow to steep another 5-10min. Here is link to a small pot on amazon (any pot will do that you have @ home as long as it fits under sauna).

Step 3: Place a hand towel folded in half or a hot pad (something between the ground if you are inside & the heat source) on the ground, place steaming herbs, take off lid & simply place Lotus Steam Sauna on top. Wave hand across hole to check for temperature of steam.

Step 4: You can wear a long flowing skirt or wrap yourself up in a sheet or blanket & sit on sauna. Be sure to check the temp. it should NOT burn. It is a warm, soothing, nourishing sensation. You want it warm but not so warm/hot that you can not relax.

Step 5: For a longer session you will want to purchase a burner to be placed under sauna for longer steam sessions. You will want to find the desired temp & then place sauna on top. Here is a link to a burner on amazon.

Step 6: Milds Sauna sessions without burner generally run 15~20 minutes. With burner 20~45 minutes.

Step 7: You may want to lay down for a bit after steaming to rest & receive. It can be a very nourishing practice before bed.

How to care for your Lotus Steam Sauna:

1. Once you have finished your steam session, lay Lotus Steam Sauna on its side so it can air dry out. (There is no need to pre~clean Lotus Steam Saunas. They are pure, unfished, freshly sanded saunas)

2. Take your beautiful herbs and refrigerate to get one more use out of them or return the water & herbs back to the earth once the water has cooled.