Honoring Woman's Sacred Ecology

    Gyna=Woman & Ecology=Living Landscape


Have you ever experienced cramps, PMS, irregular cycles, cysts, fibroids, prolapse, hysterectomy, infertility, post~partum healing, miscarriage, an abortion, experienced a violation, a betrayal, wanting to know how to heal your innermost sacred spaces and reproductive organs? 

Let me introduce vaginal steaming or Yoni steaming. Vaginal/Yoni steaming is an old, ancient, indigenous practice that has long been used across the globe, and through the ages of time by Women living in harmony and rhythm with the land and their own bodies.

Yoni steaming is a beautiful, nourishing, sacred practice.                                                                                                                       It is a form of ritual, ceremony and meditation. A time to slow down and turn your attention inwards and towards. Steam holds the power of moving a locomotive. Steam is the primary 'medicine' used when one receives a facial. Steam opens the pores of the skin and deeply penetrates into the tissues, increasing prana/circulation and allowing blood to flow and the body to cleanse. 

Our monthly menses is a natural uterine cleanse. And, if you have ever experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above it is indicating the body needs some support. Cramping, PMS, cysts, fibroids, prolapse are all ways your body is communicating to you to turn your attention inwards. These are all things a Woman does not have to 'live with'. All of these symptoms can be treated through diet, lifestyle, herbs and steaming and other Wise Woman practices. 

Allow Angela Sarah to create a custom steam blend just for you, entirely based on your current need. Schedule a session to learn how to steam, when to steam & what herbs would be best for you. 

Schedule a session: 4 Different Options

Steam Blend~ $35/10~12 Steams

30 min. Phone Consultation~ $65

30 min. Phone Consultation & Custom Steam Blend~ $90

Lotus Steam Sauna & 30 min. Phone Consultation~$245

Lotus Steam Sauna, 30 min. Phone Consultation & Custom Steam Blend~$270

Email Angela Sarah owner of Lotus Steam Sauna lotussteamsauna@gmail.com to schedule today!